Accessible to everyone!

At Eagle Wing Tours, we believe there should be no barriers to experiencing the sights, sounds and scents of the Salish Sea. Our tours are accessible to everyone, of every ability and background. If you’re a guest with mobility limitations or require a disability adaptation or accommodation, we’ll do everything in our power to help you safely and comfortably enjoy your marine adventure with us!

Enjoying the back deck of the catamaran 4 Ever Wild

We recognize that accessibility needs are specific to each individual. While all four of our vessels are accessible, our two semi-covered catamarans, Wild 4 Whales and 4 Ever Wild, have a number of features to meet the needs of people with limited mobility.

Service dogs are welcome. Our larger vessels are most ideal for the comfort and safety of both the guest and furry companion!

All of our vessels will give you outstanding views of the wildlife action!

Please note that some of our accessibility features are in development. When you’re making your booking, please be sure to contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to answer your questions and ensure that we can meet—if not exceed—your comfort and safety requirements!

Our accessibility features

For people with mobility limitations

Cabin of Wild 4 Whales showing wheelchair station
  • Wheelchair accessibility to semi-covered catamarans Wild 4 Whales and 4 Ever Wild
  • Designated wheelchair stations on semi-covered catamarans Wild 4 Whales and 4 Ever Wild
  • Companion seating available next to wheelchair stations
  • Hand sanitizer accessible when seated in a wheelchair
  • Wild 4 Whales
    • Width of wheelchair ramp to board Wild 4 Whales: 29”
    • Maximum width clearance for wheelchair to enter Wild 4 Whales cabin: 27.5”
    • Designated wheelchair station inside semi-enclosed cabin on Wild 4 Whales: 30.5”
  • 4 Ever Wild
    • Width of wheelchair ramp to board 4 Ever Wild: 29”
    • Width of wheelchair ramp over doorway lip to enter 4 Ever Wild cabin: 31”
    • Designated wheelchair station on back deck of 4 Ever Wild: 31”
    • Interior ramps available to facilitate movement within the cabin
    • Additional handrails down four steps to snug marine washroom stalls on 4 Ever Wild

For people with visual impairments

  • Braille included on guest signage on vessels (e.g. washrooms, safety warnings, etc.) (coming soon)
  • High-contrast colours between horizontal and vertical surfaces to provide better depth perception
  • Regular use of hydrophones to listen the whales
  • For people with partial visual impairments, our crew can use onboard tablets to display photos and information related to the wildlife we’re seeing
  • Engines turned off as much as possible when with the wildlife to take in the sounds and, in some cases, the smells of the Salish Sea!

For people with hearing impairments

  • Map reference on boat to outline the vessel’s path of travel
  • Crew can use onboard tablets to display photos and written information related to the wildlife we’re seeing

We’re proud to be a partner with SoulFly Experiences, a barrier-free travel experience company. SoulFly was founded on the belief that universal access is a human right. It curates travel packages and a-la-carte experiences that are safe, authentic and have a positive impact on both traveller and host community!

Among their travel packages is Coastal Dream – Victoria Experience, which features a marine adventure with Eagle Wing Tours, as well as accommodation and visits to other exciting attractions in the popular travel destination of Victoria, British Columbia.

What SoulFly says about us

SoulFly Experiences is pleased to partner with Eagle Wing Tours to deliver incredible science-based wildlife viewing experiences to our guests. The Eagle Wing team’s commitment to delivering safe and inclusive adventures is inspiring.”

Nicole Petersen, Partner, Innovation & Development, SoulFly Experiences

There are very few operators who think like Eagle Wing Tours, who put the forethought, time and energy into making people with disabilities feel comfortable and safe on their vessels. We were not an afterthought. They truly welcome everyone by putting inclusive experiences and spaces first.

Tanelle Bolt, Partner, Accessibility & Community, SoulFly Experiences